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Q: I have an 07 Ultra Classic with just over seven thousand miles….not a typo…7K…the original owner never road it. I put about 150 miles on it and then pulled the fairing off to replace the stock mirrors with fairing mounted type …..and now the “check engine light” and charging light both light up about a minute after starting the bike. The bike had the stock battery from 2007 in it which I replaced with a new one. Problem still exists. Looked at the battery and realized I had forgotten to tighten the small bolts on the battery posts. After tighting them, the lights are still coming on. Switched out battery with another new battery…no help. I didn’t pull the maxi fuse when I removed the outer fairing like the instructions say to do. All the fuses are good….I’m thinking that the stator is bad but with so few miles, makes me wonder if that’s a good assessment. I DID NOT drill through any wiring installing the mirrors. Any ideas….? Thanks

A: Would be disappointing to have a charging system problem with so few miles. Regardless, that is where we would suggest you start. Test your charging system. Also, check your speedo head for stored diagnostic trouble codes.

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