2006 Harley Trike

Q:I have a 2006 Harley Trike the engine has a cam upgrade and increased to 96 cu in. I buy 92 octane premium gas. Only a few gallons at a time ( 100 to 150 mile rides) My bike has been pinging.
1. How much gas is in the lines from the storage tank pump to the nozzle?
Am I getting two gallons of the last dispensed grade and a quart of premium? I know this is dependent on hose diameter and length.
2. Are octane boosters worth buying and using?
3. What about Sea Foam tm it says to put in oil and gas?
OIL question.
My bike has always had Harley 10-40 Synthetic. I have a hard time finding natural. Easier with the engine turned off. I have been told to use a heaver oil in the transmission like 90 weight? As far as Harleys and Oil it seams everyone has an opinion. I guess I am asking for yours. You do a lot more bikes.
Thank You

A: If you search around your area, you should be able to find a gas station that has individual lines/nozzles for 92, or 93 octane fuel. That is your best bet, so that you can end up with a full tank of 92/93, and not a mix. There should really be no need for octane booster but you can always give it a try.

The weight of your transmission fluid has little to do with shifting into neutral. More often there is a problem with clutch adjustment, shifter pawl adjustment, or binding shift linkage.
As for fluids we have been very happy with Spectro.

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