Air Shocks

Q:Hi, I have a 2004 Electra Glide with stock rear air shocks. I tried to put some air in them, but something would not allow the air to go in. I was using the Harley pump. The gauge read 22 lbs. and I normally run 27 lbs. I weight almost 300 lbs and I like a stiff ride. Any suggestions why they will not accept air.
P.S. – I read in the owners manual and it says to always perform this while bike is on the jiffy stand. The last time I put air in them, I think I had it on the jack with wheels off the ground. Could I have damaged something then and if so, what damage possible occurred ? What are some things to check ?

A: Mark, chase the air lines from the air fill valve to the shock bodies. Make sure the lines are not kinked, crushed, or damaged in any way. Also, try using a friends shock pump. See if you have the same results. If the air lines are o.k., and another shock pump reads the same; your are simply dealing with 10 year old shocks. These are sealed and not a serviceable component.

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