Clutch Adjustment

I have reviewed your DVD & read the instructions on how to adjust the wet clutch. I have a 2009 FLHTCU and in reading the service manual it states to hold the adjuster screw (center adjusting screw) while torquing the jam nut (outer adjusting screw). In your DVD this wasn’t done. My question is twofold: 1. is it necessary to hold the adjusting screw while torquing the jam nut? 2. If it is necessary do I need some type of special tool? Your help in answering these questions will be greatly appreciated. By the way I find your DVD very helpful along with the written instructions. Glad I purchased them.

Thanks, Walt

Hi Walt,

You can render the center adjusting screw a small amount to compensate for not holding it when you torque the jam nut. JIMSUSA offers a tool that works well, Snap on offers a crows foot type tool and a socket with a cut out to allow you access with an allen wrench, they are called a flank drive flare nut socket part number frx221. The important part is to make sure the adjustment is done correctly and the jam nut is tightened so that it cannot loosen when the clutch hub is spinning.  Wrench Safe, FMH
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