Cold Idle Dies ’98 FLHPI

First, thanks for DVD Touring very helpful. Second, my Road King has just over 40k now & I am experiencing a couple things. Cold start idles @ 600 – 800 dies & then on restart have to throttle 10krpm ’till warm up. Maybe the idle speed control needs replaced? Also I am getting some oil out of the air cleaner & last, shifting is normal “clunk” in 1st, but after the tranny warms up shifting is noisy. Also there’s a rattle coming from the tranny from time to time. Time to take it to the shop? History of bike: S.F.P.D. until I got it. I doubt it was ever exposed to excess heat, but a lot of hills.
  Greg,  Most likely the idle speed stepper motor (control) is worn. Oil out of a/c is most likely the umbrella valves in the center rocker covers they can be hard from age (made of rubber and soaked 10yrs in hot oil. Police m/c see a lot of idle time, need to be replaced, not hard to do 4 bolts on top cover and new seals and gaskets. Tranny noises and clunking due to police use and mileage. I would suggest replacing the trap door bearings on the right side under the clutch cable cover (Jims USA sells a tool to do this job without taking everything apart).   Wrench Safe, FMH
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