EPA Mandates Making Your Harley Run Lean?

Question for Fix My Hog Someone recently posted the question on a Harley forum “does a stock engine last longer than one with modifications?” Probably 95% of the respondents stated stock engines from the factory come with a very lean set up as the result of EPA mandates and will have overheating problems and thus will wear out sooner than those with mods. Is this so? I have a 2013 bone stock UC. Should I look into any mods? Thanks Doug

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Fix My Hog Answers Hi Doug, As Bob states in our Bolt-On videos; “We will buy a new HD and take everything off it and put on new stuff. You would never buy a new Winnebago, bring it home and kick out all the windows.”
Fact is today’s HDs are built to last and when we change the original engineering and specs it changes things – maybe someday a comparison will be done with a stock HD and a modified one to see which one has the least amount of problems over the same amount of time, mileage and riding conditions.

Note from the guys:
A: Reading forums can sometimes be confusing to people. There are a lot of guys who have nothing better to do than comment on various HD topics; repeating things that they overheard from some know it all at the bar. Don’t put too much faith into what you read in a forum. If you find the same info repeated over and over again, however, it may have to truth to it. Your best source of info is always your service manual. Your manual, obviously would not cover the question you sent us, but the answer is mostly common sense. How far a m/c will take you depends on the way it is ridden, how it is maintained, and the climate it is ridden in (temp/altitude/terrain). If your engine is running lean think about remapping it, if it is running hot think about an oil cooler or cylinder fan.

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