Gas Tank Liner Repair

Question for Fix My HogWhat chemical can I use to help dissolve/remove the tank liner in my Harley-Davidson manufactured gas tank? I tried soaking in Acetone for 24 hours (as Kreem recommends), then shaking for 4 hours with gravel and hex nuts and barely anything has come off.

Roger K

Fix My Hog AnswersHi Roger,

I have tried and tried again with no luck. I finally found a local radiator shop that pressure boils out whatever is loose, and then re-lines it with the red radiator sealant. This works perfectly every time and resolves the gray tank liner issue. The other option is to buy a replacement tank and wish for the best. The shop is Durable Radiator on Thomaston Ave. Waterbury, CT – Dave George is the owner. Wrench Safe, FMH

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