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Question for Fix My Hog I’m converting my Harley into a trike. I watched your video on how to replace a belt on a softail. I know with my mechanical ability and your video + shop manual I can do it! I’ve been in a wheel chair for the past 3+ years. 8 knee replacements in 6+ years on right knee! (V.A.) I’m 73 and 2 wheeling days are over. Can walk now but not very well or long. I’ve not rode my baby in almost 4 years. That is way i’m converting it. My question is where can I get the gasket set from at a reasonable price? I’m on a budget because I lost my business and income because of Staph (MRSA) Infection. Spent almost 2 years in the V. A. Hospital. I live on SS ($ 1160.00 a month) and why I’m converting it myself! I will send you some pictures. I own a real beauty for 26 years old.

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Fix My Hog Answers James gaskets are the best quality gaskets & seals and reasonably priced.

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