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Question I am wondering if you could help, I am upgrading my 1993 FLHS handlebar controls wiring to 1996 handlebar controls. The wires are a different color could you let me know what colors my 1993 would connect to on the 1996 so they would work correctly. There are also 7 wires on the 1993 and only 6 on the 1996. Which wire do I need to add to for it to work.

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Answer From JR – Hi, I started from the beginning and found what I did wrong. I fixed it and now am ready to put it back together and test ride. I put chrome on the front end had to disassemble the whole front end and remove the passing light turn signal bar. The wires that go to the front turn signals are both black, one is for the running light the other the turn signal. I forgot to mark the turn signal on the right and manage to reverse the wires just for that side. I did take pictures and a hand written diagram but forgot to mark one wire with tape to what it was and where it was to go.The new switches had 6 wires instead of 7 and the colors were different. That is where I thought I had messed up. I just went to the start, front of the bike and work back. Remember to mark the wires.

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