Harley Davidson EFI Fuel Leak

Q:Howdy,I was coming back from the mountains Sunday on my 2003 Ultra Classic when all the sudden she died. I got her home, flatbed, got her in the garage and took the air filter off, turned the switch on and fuel started rennin out of the throttle body, which would have run into the air filter, had it been on. After three or four seconds it stopped. I dried it up, and it stopped I turned the switch off. I tried it again a few min. later and the same thing. any idea what the problem might be?
Thanks, Greg

A:Greg, this may be due to a bad fuel regulator. First thing we would suggest is to test for a Harley Davidson EFI fuel leak. You should be able to rent the fuel adapter that you will need from the dealer. If you have the adapter, you can use just about any fuel pressure gauge. The fuel pressure should remain steady 55-62 psi at any rpm. If your fuel pressure reading is correct, we would head towards the possibility of a bad injector.

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