Harley Davidson Gas Tanks Line Leaks

Q: I removed gas line on left rear side of the Harley-Davidson gas tanks, 2007 Softail to remove tank and disassemble electrical wires to run them inside Fatboy handlebars. That part is done! Upon reinstallation, the gas line leaks profusely. I went to HD Forum and found o ring part number for female end and bought 3 at Advanced Auto. I can’t seem to get it on the right place.
Any suggestions?
Javier R.

A:Javier, from our experience, it takes a little time and patience to get that o ring to seat correctly. It is not easy. We usually go through a small variety of small screw drivers and picks before, finally, finding success. The best way to avoid this problem in the future is to lightly coat the o ring with grease before trying to insert the fuel line fitting. We know this is of no help to you now. But, maybe you can feel better knowing that we feel your pain! Good luck!

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