Harley Easy Clutch

Q: I own a 2004 Harley Super Glide Sport FXDXI. I’m an older rider and on long city traffic rides my left hand is tiring pretty often. I was thinking of installing the “easy Clutch kit”. I understand that 2006 and later they use an improved ramp. Can I just install the new type ramp or will the Harley easy clutch plate need to be installed also? Any advice? Will you ever be doing a video on this installation?

A:Yes, updating the ball and ramp would be a good start and if that does not help you could update to a variable pressure plate and clutch kit.

When we do clutch cables we show the ball and ramp.
Clutch Cable Removal

Clutch Cable Install

One More Removal

One More Install

We do show upgrading the clutch and that would be helpful for the easy clutch:

Clutch Removal

Clutch Install
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