Harley Enrichener Cable

Q: I have a 2000 FLHT with a carbureted Twin Cam 88. The carburetor works fine, but the choke will not stay engaged unless the knob is physically held out. It immediately slides back to the off position if you let go. The choke operates properly, but holding the choke out is annoying on cold mornings when it takes several minutes for the engine to warm up. Any ideas to remedy this problem would be greatly appreciated.

A: Carefully try tightening the cable. Look behind the Harley enrichener cable bracket. You will see a zinc plated nut. Tighten this ONLY SLIGHTLY. Just a nudge will do. If you over tighten, you will break the cable, so be very careful. You are tightening a steel nut, over a plastic, hollow, shaft.

Explained in this video @ 14:50:
Throttle Cable Lubrication & Adjustment / Air Filter Replacement / Enrichener Cable Service


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Carburetor Rebuild
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