Harley Intake Leak

Q: I just join the program and I am very happy with it .I have a question for you guys and the technical division I have a 2003, 100 year anniversary Heritage Softail classic EFI and she sputters a little when I am driving at low speeds it happens usually from 5 to 15 MPH at 2nd gear I change the air filter, spark plugs, and use 93 or better gasoline I am suspecting the fuel filter , what do you think, she does not do this at idle or anything over 15 MPH can you shine some light on this issue otherwise she runs great.

A: Yes. Fuel filter is a logical thought. First, however, we would suggest checking for a Harley intake leak. While your bike is idling, mist the area around your intake flanges with brake clean. If your idle fluctuates (or if bike races; or stalls completely ) you should replace your intake seals.

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