Harley Timing

Q: Hi I am currently in the process of changing my cam on a harley twin cam engine …. I have now put it all together but now the bike absolutely wont start – I am 100% that the Harley timing marks are positioned correct – HOWEVER – i might have turned the engine ONE round – without the chain to the cams – so the timing could be of by a full round – so ignition occurs on the exhaust stroke !!! Is this really possible – or will the electronics fix this automatically ?? The bike is a 2001 carburetor Softail.

A: If you used adjustable pushrods, make sure they are adjusted correctly. If you have your cams timed correctly, and your pinion gear / cam gear timing is correct; you are timed correctly. Wouldn’t hurt to remove your cam cover and re inspect your work. Check for diagnostic trouble codes. Also, dont rule out the easy stuff. Check your plug wires. Check for spark. Verify that you are getting fuel.

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