Jims ForceFlow Cylinder Head Cooler

Jims ForceFlow Cylinder Head Cooler Keeps Your Hog from Overheating

JIMS USA ForceFlow Engine Cooling Fan

If you ride in mid-summer parades or commute in heavy traffic with your Harley, you know firsthand just how hot your bike can get. A modded engine will definitely produce more power, but more power also means that you are likely experience higher operating temps too. When your bike is running at high temps, not only will your legs get roasted, but your engine will be taking an excessive amount of punishment from the heat as well. First you’ll notice a loss of power from your engine, but if the overheating continues, much worse things will occur like warped valves and heads and eventually a blown motor. It’s well documented that the air cooled V-twin powerplant in your bike is prone to overheating. That’s just something that many riders have grown to accept, though. Oil coolers do a great job of bringing down the oil temp, but sometimes even they are not enough. That’s where the Jims ForceFlow Cylinder Head Cooler comes in.

The ForceFlow can dramatically drop the high temps of your engine in no time, even during extremely hot and slow moving rides. It can actually bring the cylinder head temps down a total of up to 100 degrees F! The ForceFlow works by using a high velocity cooling fan that forces cooler air through the cooling fins on the engine. The technology was actually first designed to help cool brakes efficiently in NASCAR. If this technology can cool those glowing brakes down in a race, it should be more than sufficient for cooling your V-twin.

Unlike some other cooling fans, the ForceFlow Head Cooler looks like it belongs on the motorcycle. The streamlined unit actually mounts to the existing horn location on the left side of the bike. The horn is strategically relocated inside the housing of the ForceFlow unit. It simply looks like it belongs on the bike. It is also fairly quiet. You may be able to hear the fan running while stopped, but the sound will disappear once you start riding again.

The ForceFlow can be activated by either the included thermostat or by a manual on/off switch. The thermostat mounts to the front rocker box and activates the fans at 140 degrees (the rocker box will run cooler than the heads). If you want more control over the fan, you can use the manual switch to turn it on or off. Either way, the operation of the fan is simple enough.

All twin cam Harleys from ’99 and up are compatible to have the ForceFlow Cylinder Head Cooler Fan installed to help lower engine temps. The kit comes with very detailed instructions to make the installation process as easy as it can be. There are no special tools required to install the unit. All that you need are a few common hand tools. Check out the Fix My Hog installation video for detailed instructions on how to install your own Jims ForceFlow fan.

The ForceFlow can be found at Dennis Kirk in three different finishes (Polished, Black and Silver) all at the lowest guaranteed price.

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