Oil Leak on Harley

Q: I have 89 FXRS I guess it`s a bottom breather, I just bought an ultra lower set of cases. I had the crank & rods installed, I installed a set of 3&5/8 jugs & pistons, S&S heads top breather! Now I have oil blowing all over the engine?I need some DVD to help me solve this???? can you help me with this oil leak on Harley? Dennis D.

A: Dennis, It sounds like you have a lot going on here. I am assuming that the oil is blowing out of your top breather bolts. The cases would need to be bottom breathing. Are they? Also, were the heads new or used? If they were used, do you have any idea what condition they were in? Check to see if the timing mark on your breather gear is correctly aligned with the correct cam gear timing mark. Also, you can pull your rocker boxes to check your umbrella valves. They should be on the intake side. If you are in your cam compartment, be sure your oil pump is working correctly. Check the condition of your pinion gear. These are just a few things that come to mind. Good luck

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