Pros Cons of Breather Systems

QuestionMy present breather setup vents to the atmosphere. Other breather setups vent into the carb. What are the pros and cons of both systems? What is available that will vent outside the carb, but will be caught without venting to the atmosphere?

AnswerFrom Wimmer Custom Cycle:
We hold a patent on our head breather system. This system allows for head breathing without the oily mist entering the intake itself. Thus you are not burning this oil mist. The filters in our breathers accumulate the excess oil mist while the pressure is vented to the atmosphere. When the filters get too oily they simply need cleaning in hot soapy water. We also offer some closed loop systems that will pull the vent air into the intake system, but again it is filtered first so you don’t have an oily mess dripping down from the intake system. -Wrench Safe, Team FMH.

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