Rear Belt?

Q: Just today I heard a sound I had not heard before while riding my 2008 FLSTC. When downshifting into first gear, I heard a sound which I can only describe as being like a compression release on an older engine.Then the sound stopped during subsequent down shifting and began after a few minutes. It seemed to happen when I down shifted from higher RPM than usual. Is there a compression release or is it some other problem like rear belt noise?
Thanks, Paul

A:Paul, there are no compression releases on a stock 2008 S/T. Most commonly noises like you have described turn out to be something picked up in your belt guard, in the area around your front pulley, or something related to your brake pads/rotors. Is the sound present when you down shift into 1st with only the front brake enabled? How about with only the rear brake enabled? Is it there when you down shift with out braking? It will be good if you can raise your wheels and get a good look in these areas.

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