Rebuilding The Carburetor

Q: Having problems with my 2004 Buell blast its cutting out while I’m riding. The ignition is good and I just bought a new coil. I’m going through and rebuilding the carburetor. Any suggestions?

A: What is the reason for the ignition coil replacement? Was there a definitive diagnosis of no spark? Have you confirmed that you now have good, strong, spark? If you have confirmed spark, you will have to look at your fuel system.

Start at the tank and work your way to the intake. Verify that your fuel valve is functioning correctly, especially if you still run your stock vacuum fuel valve. Check your fuel line and make sure it is not collapsing. From there, move on to your carb. Depending on it’s history, it may need to be rebuilt. Verify correct float height, inspect your needle valve & seat. Verify that the Jets are not blocked. Don’t forget to inspect intake seals while you are in this area. Would be a waste to correct this problem and continue running down the road with an intake leak. If you have a gas cap that is not stock; confirm that it does vent. Sometimes a bad fuel cap can cause vapor lock.

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