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Question for Fix My Hog My bike was running great and all the sudden it just stopped running. It is all stock except for a SCREAMING EAGLE IGNITION MODULE AND COIL 31704-99, and vans and Hines pip. 1-Check for spark at the plugs, no spark. 2-Check coil, Coil no good replaced, with Twin-Tec P/N 2008 3-Still no spark, 4-Checked Plug at coil to see if power to coil, Lead (B) with test light from – on batter, Got power. 5-Checked Plug at coil to see if power to coil to plugs, Lead (A & C) with test light to + and cracked engine over to see if power No Light. I’m lost now any help would be great.

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Fix My Hog Answers First check to see if you have any stored diagnostic trouble codes. You may have a bad crank position sensor or a bad ignition. If you have no further clues, try the crank position sensor 1st.

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