Sportster Fuel Tank

Q: Hello, first off let me say how much I enjoy watching the videos,they are very well thought out and easy to follow. I recently made a few modifications to my 2013 Sportster ’72. They are a 2 1/2 tank lift and a ignition and coil relocation. It seems to have turned out pretty well, at least I’m satisfied. BUT, the fuel tank is already small at 2.1 gallons of fuel. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. Before the tank lift I was getting about 100 miles to a tank, now with the lift that has dropped of to around 80-85 miles.. Is their a solution to this other than removing the tank lift or replacing the tank? I was expecting this change but went ahead with the mod anyway. I must say the bike Looks really good now so I’m hoping for a solution please help. I was thinking maybe something to do with the fuel pump. It seems there has got to be a way to get more fuel out of the tank.

A: Really, there is nothing you can do to compensate for the altered pitch of your Sportster fuel tank. Your stock HD fuel tank is far superior than any aftermarket tanks out there. Trying to re-engineer, or tamper with the location of your fuel pump assembly is asking for trouble. Yes, I did “know where you were going with this”. I was trying not to – but you forced me into saying it—-
Probably best to appreciate the new, custom look and just deal with the 15 mile loss.

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