Sportster Not Getting Spark

Question Hello, I have a 2000 XLC 1200 with 30,000 miles she sat for about 5 years. when I fire her up, she starts fine and sounds good. I ride her for about 5 minutes and she dies, she still cranks, she has spark and she is getting fuel but will not start. After she sits for about 30 minutes she fires right up and the same thing all over again. She has an HSR 42 Mikuni carb, I did not rebuild the carb but I did thoroughly clean the carb, petcock, fuel tank and replaced the spark plugs. Is there a way to test the ignition coil and ignition module. Or do you guys have any idea’s about this problem.

Answer Not sure how you can have, both, spark & fuel and still no start. You absolutely have to be missing one of them. You need to go back and verify that the Sportster not getting spark.
Are you getting fuel to your float bowl?
If so, is the float height correct?
Confirm that your needle valve is not hanging up.
Verify that your gas cap is vented. You can be experiencing vapor lock.
Check your fuel line routing. Make sure the line is not collapsing.

Ground your spark plugs and verify that you have strong, definitive spark, both, front and rear.
Check your speedo head for DTC’s.
A failing crank position sensor can cause a problem like yours. A bad sensor will sometimes fail when heat is introduced and begin working again once it cools.

If/when this occurs again, turn off your fuel valve right away to see how much gas is in your float bowl. Open your gas cap and listen for a possible vapor lock condition. Ground your spark plugs to check for spark. If this problem began after you cleaned your carb, start looking in that area 1st.

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