Sportster Will Not Start

Question My Sportster will not start. It gets fire to the front cylinder but not the back and does not change fire from front to rear when turning the engine over. It would kick last week but now does nothing please help. It is a 1993 5 speed.

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Answer CHECK: proper voltage to the coil.
Spark plug condition/gap
Condition of plug wires
Condition of battery
Test for spark on front & rear cylinders.
If you only have spark on the front cylinder, swap plug wires (front to rear, rear to front ). Now see if you (only) have spark on the rear cylinder.
If you do not have power to the coil; Use a small jumper wire and power your coil directly from the battery. This will will bypass your harness and switches.
If this gives you proper voltage/spark, you need to repair a dead short or break somewhere in your wiring harness.
If you have a Tachometer, disconnect it. A bad tach can interrupt proper coil function.

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