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I’m kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. Just went out and got on my 2000 Glide, turned on the switch, waited for the engine light to go out, hit the start and everything just died! Nothing, nada! Checked all the fuses and connections at the battery all seem to be alright. It’s as if somebody stole the ignition switch or battery, just totally dead! Ran fine this morning, road it to work! Any suggestions would be helpful.



Hi Randy,

Always start with the easy parts first, check with a test light at the main breaker (should be clearly marked in your fuse box under the seat). Check battery voltage at the red 10 gauge wire coming from the starter motor to the main breaker. Check battery voltage at the battery. Check all grounds. Use your service manual. It has a great troubleshooting section on this problem. I have seen batteries go bad (plates break inside). Cables both neg and pos break internally but look intact (turn switch on and wiggle both cables and see what happens). I have also had the tumbler inside the ignition switch break, again wiggle all wires first then check for voltage in and out. Take your time, use common sense and your wiring diagram. I’m sure you can find the cause. Always think simple first, also has anything been worked on or added on recently may be the place to start to fix the starter issue!Wrench Safe, FMH

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