Starting and Stalling Again

Q: From Dan: I have an ’09 1200XL with bad idling problems. If you go for a ride, say 20 miles, and pull up to a stop it will roar like hell at high rpm for 10-15 seconds. The next stop may be ok, but the one after that repeats the problem. Then, it may idle so low it will almost stall. Along with that, if you goose the throttle it pings and bangs like you got gas in Tijuana! (Error code P0505 shows up.) On third set of intake seals, as recommended by dealer, but no fix yet. HELP!! A:Intake seals was a logical place to start. Were the intake flanges inspected? Sometimes they can warp and replacing only the seals will not repair an intake leak. Is this bike storing any trouble codes? Has it ever been scanned? I have seen this type of running condition with a bad IAC sensor (idle air control) or throttle position sensor or even with the engine temp sensor. If the bike is scanned and there are no stored codes; the dealer can still test these sensors, individually, with their Scanalizer and Break-out Box. Related Video: Exhaust R&R
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