Steering Head Bearing Adjustment

Q: Dear Fix My Hog, I will become a paying subscriber if you can give me some pointers. Somewhere to start with my issue. My problem is this: I have a 2009 Ultra Classic and it has been giving me issues with front fork wobble at low speeds or de-acceleration. You can also feel a sway to the left or right, depending on the road surface, when rolling over grooved pavement or raised lettering on the road surface. The dealer tried to tell me that this is normal to avoid stress on frame and so on….I don’t believe this to be true or it would have been wobbling right from the start. This was a gradual problem and it really concerns me. Can you help with that? Thank you. desert_dog A: Check the condition of your front tire. After checking for proper inflation, look to see if the tire is crowning. It should not feel, or look increasingly raised as you slide your hand over the top of the tire toward the center. Your low speed wobble is probably being caused by an incorrect steering head bearing adjustment. The clamp load on the bearings is too loose. We have complete videos on both of these topics. Everything you need to know about m/c tires and a thorough video on neck adjustment. There is no reason for your m/c to be wobbling, or drifting down the road. Check out our videos and do it yourself or look for a new dealership. Related Videos: Steering Head Bearing Adjustment
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