Steering Lock on my 08 Dyna

I have a 2008 Dyna custom with 100 km on it. The problem is I can’t get the steering lock to lock into the locked position; it seems to be not lining up correctly. Is there anything I can do to adjust the steering lock on my 08 Dyna? Don
  Hello Don,If this motorcycle is a European model, not sure about Canadian, it will not have a neck lock allocation. The only way to really know is to drop the lower stem or tree assembly down and check for the recess that the lock fits into. The new Softail & Dyna part 2 DVD and an h/d manual should make things very clear and help you do the job yourself. Also, I have seen the fork stops on the frame welded wrong, but you need to check the stem first. Go slow and think things out, you should be fine. Lower stem assemblies are available at your dealer if you need one. Also if you have to grind a little off the fork stop at full left lock do it in small increments. Another option is an HHI rotor lock they work great.Wrench Safe, FMH
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