10 Tips for Storing Your Motorcycle

We’re never ready for riding season to end, but for those of use living in cooler climates, winter storage is a necessary part of each year. We’ve compiled ten tips to help you store your motorcycle safely, and make it easier to get ready to ride in the spring. These tips are also helpful if you need to put your bike into long term storage for any other reason.

1. Make sure your motorcycle is clean. Wash and dry.

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2. Add stabilizer to fuel system and start motorcycle to make sure it is in the fuel system.

Shut value if carbureted model.

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3. Make sure your saddlebags do not have any snacks left in them. They would make a nice meal for rodents.

4. Raise the motorcycle off the ground to avoid a condensation line from a door being opened and closed and cold air coming in.

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5. Cover: A clean sheet not touching the ground is a cost affective way. Other covers are available.


6. Battery: Use a trickle charger or remove the battery and put it on a bench on a charger that has an sensor to turn on and off.

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7. Use some steel wool in the end of the exhaust to keep the mice out. Have a checklist and make sure to remove the steel wool before you head out after storage.

8. Tires should be up off the concrete and at the right pressure.

If you do not have a lift, place a mat under the tires.

Garage Mat: Seen Here

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9. If you get a nice day and decide to head out, look at your checklist and make sure you are ready to ride. When you get back wash, dry and go through your checklist to put it up again.

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10. Don’t run out to the garage and start it every week. You want your fluid levels to stay full to avoid condensation.

Remember you will be riding again soon. You are not prepping your motorcycle for deep space travel. Do the basics and you can be ready to ride as soon as the weather allows.

More tips on long term motorcycle storage:

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