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Question Any ideas on how to fix my throttle by wire issues on a 10 Street Glide? When you turn the key and hit the run position it goes click click click real loud, now the C.E.L is on all the connections at the unit and ECU are good, I disconnected the power commander and the throttle pack and same problem. I’m started to think H-D stands for Highly Disappointed…

Answer Was there something you were attempting to do before this problem arose? We do not understand what the throttle by wire has to do with the sound you hear when you toggle to run. Be sure that the sound you hear is not fuel system related. Maybe, with a little more info, we can be more helpful.

Let us know additional info and you can submit to and we’ll do our best to help figure it out.

Hogger, James, Reply:
Hello, I just wanted to give you a follow-up to the questions I had regarding my Harley Davidson electronic throttle control. I had told you there was a lot of clicking coming from it when you turned the key on and put it in the run position. And also it had thrown a check engine light.

I ordered a new throttle body assembly off of a 2013 model. After doing a little research I found out that it was a larger throttle body assembly than what was on my model already, partly because its for the 103 motor and not the 96. I figured since I had already done the intake and a full exhaust as well as a throttle pack and a power commander that a little larger would only help me.

Well I was correct, the slight increase in the throttle body size made a huge difference in the performance I gained. Not only did it solve my problem of the clicking that I had, it aided in better performance for the engine.

I then took the actuator assembly a part and I found the root cause of the problem, there are several actuator gears inside one being metal a couple being plastic, well two teeth were missing off the larger plastic gear that moved the throttle blade not allowing it to make a clean sweep and close when performing the systems check. In it also threw the check engine light due to the fact the voltage was not where it should have been when the blade showed the throttle plate closed.

Just an FYI if you ever run across this problem or question in the future, thanks for your help.
Blankschen’s Motorcycle Service, James B

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