Tires ’09 Softail Custom

Q:Gang, I have your Softail/Dyna DVDs. My 2009 Softail Custom’s front tire is beginning to cup. I have only 7,000 miles on it. I have no idea why it has started to cup. I took it to the Harley dealer and they say I have about 1,000 more miles left on the tire and I took it to a local bike shop and they said the same thing. Do you guys have any idea why it has started to cup? I had the same tire and rim on my 2005 Sportster and had over 10,000 miles on it and the tire was just fine. Thanks again, Bill A:Bill, this tire may wear differently than the same tire on your XL because you softail is a heavier m/c that handles & rides differently. There, as you probably already know, are also other factors. If you stored the m/c in a different environment like a different region of the states or in a shed rather than your garage, it may age more quickly. The tire will also wear differently depending on what type of terrain you are traveling or depending on your riding style. We do not know your specific situation but the model differences is most likely the reason for your difference in wear. Thanks for your question.
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