Turn Signal Not Flashing

QuestionMy Harley Heritage Softail 1996 indicator/turn signal lights stay on when instead of blinking. I hit the “turn” button for the signal/turn lights, but they just come on and stay on! Help!
Regards Jonny Garnder from Australia.

AnswerJonathan, sounds like you have a bad turn signal module. You will find this module between the fuel tanks, beneath your dash area. Thanks, and good luck

Question Similar Question Been enjoying the videos and tips I have a 2008 Street glide with 90K miles on it. I always took it to the dealer until I found your website and got the premium membership. I have a problem with the right rear turn signal it lights (i have the continuous on type) but it will not flash. I have changed the bulbs, replaced the entire turn signal bar this weekend and it still did not fix it. The front turn signal still works so I assume it is not the switch. Any hints on where to look next?

Answer Richard, you may have a faulty turn signal security module (TSSM). You can change it out but unfortunately, the only way to verify this before hand is to have the dealer scan your m/c.

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