Harley-Davidson® Shocks – Upgrade to Progressive

Duration: 5:51

In this video we review the Harley-Davidson Shocks and upgrading to Progressive shocks. Bob LaRosa gives a review of the stock Harley shocks and why we might want to upgrade to an aftermarket product like Progressive Suspensions 440 series. Watch the full installation video HERE.

Available at DennisKirk.com

Overview of Progressive Suspension 13.5 in. Chrome Standard 444 Series Shocks – 4444003C

• Uses the all new Frequency Sensing Technology (FST)
• Allows the shocks to sense the frequency of a bump and automatically adjust damping for superior ride quality
• Deflective disc valving
• You no longer need special tools to adjust, simply adjust the spring pre-load by hand
• High-pressure gas charged with a progressive rate spring creates a consistent performance
• Sold in pairs
• Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: A shock which is slightly longer than stock may alter the head angle slightly and provide somewhat quicker steering.
NOTE: A shock which is slightly shorter than stock may slightly alter the head angle and provide somewhat slower steering.
NOTE: Heavy Duty Applications are recommended for bikes that are operated at or near the manufacturer’s maximum load rating over 50% of the time.

Included Items:
(2) Black shocks with chrome springs
(4) Shouldered 1/2″ sleeves
(4) Inner 3/8″ sleeves
(4) Washers 1/2″
(4) Spacers 1/2″


Length:13 1/2 in.
Type:Shock Absorber
Weight:8.8 lbs

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