Harley Project Rushmore

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Everyone is excited about the Harley Project Rushmore Twin Cooled 103ci. The excitement does not exclude Bob, Mark, Dennis, and the rest of us at Fix My Hog. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on one of these bikes. Now, we want to show you what we’ve learned.

Form and Function Collide

In this video, Bob explains to us how this beautiful ride came to fruition and points out some of the many changes and upgrades you can expect to see when you, or one of your friends pulls up on one of these new Harleys. This motorcycle is the product of four years of research and rigorous testing. There are over 100 feature changes since the last generation of touring model and; coolest of all; Harley included the input of the general (riding) public in all of its new concept and development!

Water Cooled Harley?

This motorcycle is cooled by two small radiators, hidden, in the lower fairings. The cooling system is thermostatically controlled and cools the front and rear exhaust valves. We love the fact that Harley was able to cool this 103 and still keep its V Twin configuration.

One Finger

This bike was designed with the concept that everything should be accessible and controlled with a gloved hand. It has easy, access to the tour pak and saddlebags, joystick style controls, touch screen “boombox”; just to name a few.


Other changes/upgrades are: wider stance handlebars, complete connectivity between the receiver and your phone, voice recognition, GPS, painted inner fairing, “hydra clutch”, push button airflow through the fairing, 49mm fork tubes, Brembo brake calipers, trickle charge plug, outlet in tour pak, and LED lights. Dual Tread technology describes the tires that come standard on this m/c. That means; these tires have a harder compound in the center and a softer compound on the sides; for great control and feel, especially when cornering.

Go Far

This motorcycle was designed for people to be able to ride longer and farther than ever before. Look for more new videos to come as we get into fully servicing this new Harley Project Rushmore.

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