Welcome to Fix My Hog Site Review

Duration: 11:57

Fix My Hog started in 2004 selling DVDs to riders that wanted to know more about their Harley. Today we are still passionate about sharing over 35 years of Harley wrenching experience with our viewers. We continue to produce DVDs and we added our online video platform that hosts all of our great videos in one place. We noticed that as we grew and added more information to our website that our customer service team were getting more questions about how to find videos on the site. We put this video together to show visitors how we categorize the site, the different options on how to use the site and how to search the site. Watch the video and take us for a test ride. I’m sure you will find plenty of information via videos, articles and tech Q&A for your Harley.

Here’s a Video on How To Search Fix My Hog

Here’s a Video on the Member Log In Procedure

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